Our Cancellation Policy


Once a Reservation is made then we are securing and holding equipment and reserve time for our Guest.  Same Day Cancellations are Not Allowed.  No Refunds will be made for same-day cancels and instead, we will offer a credit to be kept on file.  No Credits are provided for No Shows.  Advanced Cancellations MUST be verbally Agreed to with a Member of our Team in order to obtain a refund.  You must obtain the Name of the person if cancellation is agreed upon.  Please have the Payment Amount and Date Of the Transaction upon your request.

Weather Policy:  WE PLAY IN THE RAIN!

This is a water activity and you should be dressed to get wet!  We will only cancel if lightning persists.  

Note: Lightening, Thunder, and Showers pass very quickly, so please do not expect a cancellation.  Weather can change very fast in Fort Lauderdale and Forecast may call for rain that we never see as we often have the ocean breezes keep the rain out west.  It is normal for the hot summer heat to cause evaporating water to have a quick rain shower that usually passes very fast and we appreciate the coolness that comes with it.  Please DO NOT cancel for light showers or cloudy weather.  You are already dressed to get wet and we sincerely believe that playing in the rain is healthy and fun.  We will call you if we are canceling due to bad weather; otherwise please come as planned.  If you DO Not Show up and Do Not Call in Advance of your Reserved Time; then-No Refund will be provided.  A polite Guest may request a credit for another visit.  Please ask to place your Name with a Credit in our Filing Records System.

Cancellation Policy: 48 Hours in Advance for a Full Refund

We understand that things happen and ask that you contact us as early as possible for cancellation.  We value our Guests and our Guides.  Note: Guides may only be coming to work exclusively for Reservations, so we appreciate a Courtesy Call as soon as possible so we can allow them time for scheduling and adjusting plans.  We discourage late cancellations as this hinders our ability to schedule other Guests who may have wished to make a reservation for the same times.  This also explains why Pre-Payment is Required for All Guaranteed Reservations.  We have learned that some people will not call or show up if they have not already paid and so we have adjusted our policies for the best reservation management.   You must cancel 48 Hours in Advance of your scheduled time in order to get a full refund.  Once we are inside the 48 Hour Period then a Credit will be offered as long as the request is made in advance of your scheduled Reservation.  NO SHOW / NO REFUND:  The Equipment is Reserved for you and by not showing up and not calling creates possible loss from other Guests who may have reserved for that time and were denied.  Hence, our policy is No Show / No Refund.  We do make exceptions for reasonable circumstances and will offer a credit to be kept on file and by your name. 

Full Moon Paddles and Special Events: 

PLEASE NOTE:  We still offer a Full Refund 48 Hours before Specialty Events like the Full Moon Paddle.  These are very popular and are often SOLD OUT.  This means we are Reserving Boards for anyone Prepaid and likely have to turn away others who would have reserved your position; therefore any last-minute cancellations may be considered however they will only be given credit towards a 2-Hour Weekday Rental and not towards future Full Moon Paddles.  Hence, we do not offer Refunds or Credits towards the same Event or Specialty Event.  Please do not reserve if you are unsure if you can make it.  You may still cancel for a Full Refund up to 48 Hours before the scheduled Paddle.

100% Satisfaction:  We Love Our Customers
Our ultimate goal is 100% Satisfaction and while we realize that it is near impossible to please everyone all of the time; we do want everyone to be provided an opportunity for resolution.  If you feel we made an error or if you want to share a great experience;

 then please Email our Satisfaction Team at info@sunrisepaddleboards.com