Snorkel and Paddle the Reef

Fort Lauderdale is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world

You will never find a more beautiful place to explore the ocean than this section of the Florida coast. You can try these activities with a certified instructor, who will teach you all the skills you need, plus safety tips! Reserve your adventure today.


16 hours
Group Size
no limit

SUPSmart Certification Course for Novice or Beginners

The SUPSmart Certification Course is perfect for Novice or Beginners wanting a complete education on Stand Up Paddle Boarding from learning about the equipment and accessories to situational paddling with variations that will allow you to practice the skills we teach you. Our course is in chronological order making it Fun and Easy to Learn starting with very basic techniques and growing into advanced paddling. Participants MUST complete all Sessions to receive the Certificate of Completion.

My/Our course evolved from over 12 years of experience. My Team and I have trained over 100,000s of Beginners or First Timers. Every 1 of our Guides have completed the course which will Qualify you to become a Guide. I/We are so confident in what will teach you that we offer an OPTIONAL Return Of Your Amount Paid in the form of work and or “Guide Compensation”. How or Why? Just look at all the activities we offer. We have peek seasons that require additional help and who better to call upon then our own Trained and Certified VIP Members. Don't worry, it is 100% optional and we don't expect all participants to want to be a Guide, but for those who do then we look forward to utilizing your newly acquired skills. Participants are guaranteed compensation as a Guide working directly with our Team if you wish to earn Part-Time Income. I will personally guarantee paying you earnings exceeding your Investment as long as you are willing and able.

Brian E. Galton, Founder

1 - History of SUP/course overview
2 - Terminology
Techniques and Maneuvers
3 - Board Parts and Paddle Parts
4 - Pre-paddle Safety and Preparation
Loading and Unloading Board(s) on a Vehicle
Roof Rack Options
Local Launch Options
Rules for Beach Launching and Launch Zones
Tide Tables and Charting Ocean Paddling
Understanding Weather
Optional methods for lifting board on Dock and Seawalls
Avoiding Hazardous Objects (Seawalls and Docks)
How To Escape a Rip Current
Overall Trip Planning (Fuel, Mobile Phone, Hydration, Route Sharing)
5 - Waterway Cleanups
6 - Quick Lesson and Practice
Avoiding Seawalls and Docks (Barnacles)
Learning To Stand Up
How To Fall and Get Back on SUP
Prone, Knee, and Standing Positions
Paddle Techniques: Forward (T-Grip) and Reverse

Session 2: Flat Water Paddle (Island City ECO Paddle and Lesson) - 2 Hours Comfortably Paced
Board and Paddle Preparation
Using Tie Downs
Hand Signals
Buddy Tow
How To Spot Manatee
How To Identify Birds

Session 3: Intracoastal Paddling (Venice Of America and Seven Isles) - 2 Hours
No Wake Zones
Speed Signs
Manatee Season
Low and High Tides / King Tides

Session 4: Ocean Paddle (Reef Snorkel & Ocean Paddle Adventure Lauderdale-By-The-Sea) - 2 Hours
Dive Flag Rules
Pier, Moorings, Buoys, and Boats
Jelly Fish
Identifying Marine Life
Locations To Snorkel

Session 5: Distance Paddling and Touring (7 Mile Paddle) - Guided 3 – 4 Hours Paddling at Comfortable Pace
Practice Everything Learned

Session 6: SUP YOGA - 90 Minute Class with Certified YOGA Instructor
Beginners to Intermediate Poses

Session 7: Paddle Board Fitness - 60 Minutes with Fitness Instructor
How to Use a Board for Strength and Endurance Training

Session 8: Night Paddling (Full Moon Paddle) - 3 Hours
Preparing Board for Night Paddle
Participation as a Guide
Refreshments Celebration

Session 9: Course Final and Bonus Paddle
Sup Smart Certificate of Completion
VIP Memberships Perks
Shirt and Bucket
How to Select a Board including Construction, Sizes, and Purposes
SUP Accessories 101
Bonus: One Way Ticket to Paradise and Wristband for Bonnet House Grounds

Cancelation and Refund Policies
NOTE: All times are approxiamate for each session and will vary depending on your participation. Each Session can and will be scheduled to meet your convenience. Upon scheduling your first session, we will adapt a schedule that works best for you. If for any reason we cannot adapt to your schedule during this first session then a full refund can be requested and will be honored as long as it is done prior to the 2nd session. Any requested Refunds after the 2nd session begins will have $200 deducted from the amount paid for each session already completed and after 5 sessions No Refunds are permitted.

895 USD
2 hours
Group Size
At least 2

Reef Snorkel & Ocean Paddle Adventure Lauderdale-By-The-Sea


We will meet at our designated Beach location and prepare the boards with all the gear including Stand Up Paddle Board, Life Jacket, Mask, Snorkel, and Fins. This is NOT a SUP Lesson, however our Instructors will brief and train you on proper ocean paddle boarding techniques, snorkeling basics, and marine safety before leading you out to the Reef System. You may float attached to your board or we will moor the boards together and begin a “drift dive” over gorgeous multicolored corals and wide variety of marine life! Your Guide will search for cool species. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is considered to be one of the Best Beach Dive Areas in the World and is 2nd only to the Great Barrier Reef as the most visited in the World.

72 Hour Cancellation Notice is Required and Reservations canceled within 24 hours of event start time cannot be refunded due to our limited capacity of the guest. If the trip is canceled due to weather or rough conditions; then you may choose to reschedule or be refunded. Due to popular demand, we highly suggest booking in advance.

150 USD
1 hour
Group Size
2 to 16

Snorkel Jean Cousteau's Reef and Snorkel Trail

Snorkel Tour of Underwater Explorer Jean Cousteau's dedicated "Snorkel Trail". 2nd to only the Great barrier reef, this hidden treasure is well traveled and would make any pirate happy as one of our expert Guide's navigated you thru the "Snorkel Trail" dedicated by Jean-Michele Cousteau in May 2002. There are two sets of concrete cannons, a large anchor, and a ballast pile replicating a shipwreck common in these waters many years ago. The trial was started in 1998 & took 4 years to complete. The shallow reef trail varies from 8 - 16 feet and is 1 of 3 Reef Systems that host a wide variety of tropical sea life you may see:

Large Sea Turtles Blue Tang Parrotfish French Angels Spotted Scorpionfish
Caribbean Spiny Lobster Doctorfish Tarpon Nurse Sharks Spotted Goatfish

Peacock Flounder Barracuda Eels Manta Rays Trumpet Fish

Blue-Headed Wrasse Eagle Rays Octopus Cuttlefish Sergeant Majors
Our original Tour was created over 10 years ago to complement the 1st Biorock Project in the USA: The Biorock Project utilized a low-level electric current from 2 solar-powered buoys to help corals grow much faster than they would in a natural environment while also helping to create vital new underwater habitat for tropical fish, corals, and other species. Unfortunately the project was abandoned, but thanks to our loyal Guides we have evolved and continued showing off the rich history and beauty of this awesome reef system.

65 USD
Group Size
no limit

Birthdays * Groups * Bachelorettes

Paddle for FREE on your Birthday. (ID Required)

Group Size
no limit

Team Building / Corporate Events

We are now offering Business Excursions! You can now bring your entire company and their significant others padding, just call us, and let's schedule your company!


Spend a day Snorkeling and Paddleboarding the coral reef in Ft. Lauderdale

Enjoy the world's most pristine coral reef, as you paddle and snorkel through the waters of Fort Lauderdale. We offer guided tours at sunrise, sunset and night so there's a tour for everyone.