12 EPIC places to go paddleboarding Sarah Sekula, Special for USA TODAY


Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


There are plenty of places to SUP in Fort Lauderdale and Sunrise Paddleboards gives guests plenty of fun choices. There’s a 20-acre waterfront park in downtown, for example, where you can paddle down a waterway leading into the Intracoastal. Or make your way past the mansions on Millionaire’s Row. Or opt for manatee tours, nighttime tours, paddleboard yoga sessions and fitness workouts. Deerfield Beach is yet another gem. Afterward, picnic on the beach and search for rare seashells. sunrisepaddleboards.com

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2 Hour Kayak or Paddle Board Rental at our Riverfront Showroom

2-Hour Rental at our Middle River Showroom Location: 2520 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305
Singles $45 or Double Kayak $65
Established in 2010, we have dozens of Award Winning Activities with accolades from being the #1 SUP Dealer for the Largest Seller of Boards in the World to becoming an Editorial in USA Today as 1 of 12 EPIC PLACES to Paddle in the World. Our Professional Team of Experts continually train and strive to provide the best service using the best equipment. Our Stand Up Paddle Boards are light weight and designed for high quality performance and great balance. We only use Sit On Top Kayaks that are the most stable based on customer feedback and personally testing for the smoothest and safest paddle ability.

Location, Location, Location: We are conveniently at 2520 N Federal Hwy. making us a short drive from Fort Lauderdale Beach, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Pompano, Boca, and under 3.5 miles from I-95 making it easy from Deerfield, Hollywood, and Miami. Our Middle River Showroom has the calmest waterways with the amazing South Florida Landscapes featuring Tropical Birds, Palm Trees, Iguana, and other Ocean Marine Life. Plus, 3 routes to explore a 9.3 acre Nature Preserve at Colohatchee Park (Dog Friendly), Route 2 travels the north fork and winds towards Wilton Manor Preservation, or choose route 3 for Multi-Million Dollar Intracoastal Homes.

The length of your rental depends on your personal preference and abilities, but if it helps then our customers prefer and recommend the 2 Hour Rental as our Most Popular as 1 Hour will go by very fast and 3 or more hours is more suitable for those wishing to build endurance or strengthening the core. Paddling is awesome because you get great exercise, but with all the eye candy most people tell us they barely noticed all the muscles being worked and conditioned. We think it's the best activity your body can do!

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Island City ECO Paddle Lesson and Tour

We make it Fun and EASY to LEARN how to Stand Up Paddle Board and want our Prospective Guest to know that it is easier then it looks.

Sunrise Paddleboard Guides twist and turn past Manors and Mangroves on this adventurous Journey along “Island City” incorporated in 1947. It is bordered on the north by the North Fork of the Middle River and the city of Oakland Park; to the south, the boundaries include the South Fork of the Middle River and the city of Fort Lauderdale; the westernmost boundary reaches Interstate 95; and the eastern terminus of the city limits extend to Federal Highway (US 1) and the Sunrise Paddleboard Showroom. Your Journey will start from our Middle River Showroom conveniently located on Federal Highway.

We have a restroom for changing, indoor storage (no lockers), outdoor shower, free parking and a Healthy Restaurant (Mya Papaya) that serves Smoothie's, Kombucha, Beer, Wine, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, and Entrees with healthier choices. Our Showroom location features a variety of Stand up Paddle Boards and Accessories for those who become hooked on the sport. We have sold 1000's of boards and proudly offer some of the lowest pricing on Stand Up Paddle Boards in the SUP Industry.

Your Guide will start off with some quick pointers and launch you into the Knee Position. Once you establish you're able to steer and control the direction of the board; then you will be ready to Stand Up. The entire Voyage is great practice for First Timers as your Guide will provide Instructions along the way for those needing assistance or just give the advice to improve your technique. Experienced Paddlers and Locals are equally Informed as we provide Demos of our Skills and Teach everyone how to Navigate are winding River. We welcome those who learn our routes and return with friends to ultimately lead their own expeditions on the same routes. Due to popular demand, we highly suggest booking in advance. The River offers incredible landscapes and scenery like nothing else in the world.

Trip Advisor says the only way to travel the waterways to really see things up close and personal is by Sunrise Paddleboards and we agree! That was our intention from day one and we couldn't be happier to have a 95% Excellent Customer Satisfaction rating from third-party vendor surveys. Island City ECO Tour travels to a 9.3 acre nature preserve with plenty of tropical palms, birds, marine life, iguanas, and mangroves for your eye candy.

Other Tours we offer will journey from Fort Lauderdale’s Barrier Island to the Riverfront in Las Olas with professional and friendly guides is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence for tourists. However, you would be surprised to know how many locals repeat the Tour as it changes every day.

We may navigate different routes based on current, wind conditions, and other factors to make the tour safe, fun, and inviting for all ages.

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2 to 10

Snorkel Jean Cousteau's Reef and Snorkel Trail

Snorkel Tour of Underwater Explorer Jean Cousteau's dedicated "Snorkel Trail". 2nd to only the Great barrier reef, this hidden treasure is well traveled and would make any pirate happy as one of our expert Guide's navigated you thru the "Snorkel Trail" dedicated by Jean-Michele Cousteau in May 2002. There are two sets of concrete cannons, a large anchor, and a ballast pile replicating a shipwreck common in these waters many years ago. The trial was started in 1998 & took 4 years to complete. The shallow reef trail varies from 8 - 16 feet and is 1 of 3 Reef Systems that host a wide variety of tropical sea life you may see:

Large Sea Turtles Blue Tang Parrotfish French Angels Spotted Scorpionfish
Caribbean Spiny Lobster Doctorfish Tarpon Nurse Sharks Spotted Goatfish

Peacock Flounder Barracuda Eels Manta Rays Trumpet Fish

Blue-Headed Wrasse Eagle Rays Octopus Cuttlefish Sergeant Majors
Our original Tour was created over 10 years ago to complement the 1st Biorock Project in the USA: The Biorock Project utilized a low-level electric current from 2 solar-powered buoys to help corals grow much faster than they would in a natural environment while also helping to create vital new underwater habitat for tropical fish, corals, and other species. Unfortunately the project was abandoned, but thanks to our loyal Guides we have evolved and continued showing off the rich history and beauty of this awesome reef system.