Quick Lesson: Only available with Purchase of a Rental

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Ideal for Quick Learners before they do a Rental for the First Time. Also, great as a refresher if it's been a little while since you last paddled or had a bad experience. Many new participants try to learn for themselves and if we ever hear of guest who say that paddle boarding is hard; then it is usually from this majority of paddlers that simply lacked some minor but very important instructions. That's why we created a Quick Lesson for Only $20 because we really want everyone to learn the correct techniques that will make Paddle Boarding Fun and Easy. The Quick Lesson gives you 15 - 20 minutes with an Instructor on the water including:
- 15 to 20 Minute on the water with Instructor*
- Learning Where To Stand and How To Stand Up
- Basic Paddling Techniques
- Practice while Instructor provides improvement tips

*Note: Quick Lesson is only available with prior to and with purchase of a rental or tour.
*You may also wish to consider a Private Lesson 1 on 1 with Instructor that INCLUDES the equipment:

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20 minutes
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no limit
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2520 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, USA

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Quick Paddle Lesson

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